The Basement chefs and Bart Heijden (director events RAI)
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RAI Amsterdam wins Zuidas public award for sustainability

Friday, 10 November 2023

Amsterdam, 10 November 2023 - Yesterday the Zuidas Sustainability Prize was awarded for the second time. Last year RAI Amsterdam had already received the honor in the "Society" category. This year, the Basement Chefs of RAI Amsterdam proudly received the Zuidas Public Award for Sustainability with the entry "Heart Warming Amsterdam".

Heartwarming Amsterdam
The Basement Chefs' "Heart Warming Amsterdam" project embodies the vision about local cooperation and supporting producers and products that add value to the Amsterdam region. The project includes the use of artisanal techniques, seasonal ingredients, collaboration with start-ups and healthcare institutions, and sharing the story behind the products and dishes presented to (inter)national guests at RAI Amsterdam. In addition, actively reducing food waste plays a crucial role by giving unused food scraps a second chance through collaboration with organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Dynamo Foundation. "Heartwarming Amsterdam" represents the full circle of sustainability in RAI Amsterdam's food assortment and underscores the commitment to a more local, greener, and more beautiful F&B selection.

RAI Amsterdam has made a conscious decision to buy local and seasonal products. Our food is not only sustainable, but also tastier and healthier. We want to cut down on carbon emissions and create wonderful spaces for the environment to grow and keep ecosystems alive. That’s why we call it Heartwarming Amsterdam

Zuidas Sustainability Award
The Zuidas Sustainability Prize was awarded in five different categories. The jury of this award, consisting of Yvette Watson, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Chahat Gawdi, Zuidas Today Ruth Jansen and Margreet Van Gastel carefully went through all the entries. They expressed their appreciation for the variety of projects and the versatility of sustainability within the Zuidas. The winners reflect the diversity of wonderful initiatives taking place in the broad spectrum of sustainability in the Zuidas. The organizers of the award, namely the Municipality of Amsterdam Zuid, Hello Zuidas and Green Business Club Zuidas, aim to use this competition, as with previous Sustainability Reports, to provide a platform for diverse projects that contribute to a more sustainable Zuidas. In doing so, they hope to inspire new initiatives.

On behalf of RAI Amsterdam, we congratulate all the other winners on this great prize.