RAI presenteert innovaties op IBTM

RAI presents innovations at IBTM

Thursday, 14 November 2019

The event sector must continue to innovate if it is to remain relevant. RAI Amsterdam is taking the lead by combining technical innovations with the development of modern spaces and a luxury hotel on its own premises. Visitors to IBTM World (19-21 November, Barcelona) will be introduced to these innovations and more.

Luxury on-site hotel: nhow Amsterdam RAI
nhow Amsterdam RAI will open its doors in Q1 2020. Being situated on the RAI premises, the hotel has significant added value for multi-day international events. It stands out for the high-quality design, luxury, art and gastronomy, and is the largest new-build hotel in the Benelux region with 650 four-star rooms spanning 24 floors.

Transparent and green extension of Hall 5
Adjacent to the characteristic Europa Hall, Hall 5, is being extended by 30x135 metres and will feature a brand-new glass facade with a view of the green surroundings.The renovated Hall 5 will be taken into use in early 2020, with interested parties already able to take a Virtual Reality tour in our demo room at RAI Amsterdam.

Practical use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
RAI Amsterdam is actively investing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. “We see these new technologies as the link between the physical and rapidly changing digital worlds,” says COO Maurits van der Sluis. “This is why we carry out our own product development in-house and create concrete applications for events. We use the technologies for our own events, and also advise organisers and exhibitors on possible applications.”
Rueben van der Peet, who became fulltime XR manager at RAI Amsterdam this year, explains which applications are the most current. “AR places an extra digital layer over reality, allowing us to make a physical product visible in various colours or types. At the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 2019, for instance, visitors were able to use their own mobiles to project and view entire yachts in 3D. These AR applications can significantly increase the value of square metres of exhibition space”.
Virtual Reality makes things that don’t yet exist visible in 3D, and enables organisers and exhibitors to see various layouts in advance and make a selection. The ability to already virtually view Hall 5 is a good example.” This blog by Rueben Peet provides further information about the many applications of VR.

Chatbots, exhibition apps and matchmaking
RAI Amsterdam has been using chatbots, intelligent exhibition apps and modern matchmaking platforms at various events this year. The chatbot was mainly used to make the registration process more user-friendly. Although exhibition apps are already quite common, they are becoming more advanced every day. To illustrate, RAI Amsterdam combines Google maps with an overlay of its own floor plan to significantly improve wayfinding and create new commercial opportunities.
With regard to matchmaking, algorithms to facilitate contact between parties before, during and after events are becoming ever smarter. And these technologies have extra added value for organisers too, generating important information that can help further improve the event.
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Facial recognition offers more customer-friendly reception
A technology that received extra attention from the RAI this year involved the use of facial recognition for access checks. The technology makes the reception process more efficient and gives hostesses additional time to ensure visitors receive a warm welcome. A pilot project carried out by the RAI during the Horecava 2019 exhibition was very well-received and marked the starting point for further development.

Visit our stand
These applications are just part of the innovative ambitions of RAI Amsterdam. New technologies create the opportunity to enhance the experience of events and connect with the digital communities around them. If you’d like to know more, visit RAI Amsterdam at stand F30 during IBTM World in Barcelona from 19-21 November.