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New logistics system at the RAI

Stephanie Mathas
Friday, 8 October 2021

A new logistics system has recently been launched at the RAI, aimed at better spreading logistics traffic to and from the RAI during the day. From now on, all suppliers for the set-up and breakdown of events must register online for a time slot, during which they can pick up or unload cargo at the RAI.

The RAI expects many benefits from this new way of working. Wim Braakman, Manager Traffic & Logistics RAI, is pleased: “The intention is that suppliers do not have to wait in line in front of the venue until it is their turn, but choose a moment that suits them best. By working with time slots, we can better distribute the transport over the day. This way we prevent crowding for the venue and work on a good flow of logistics traffic.” The RAI is also working to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood. “We expect that this will reduce the pressure of logistics traffic in the vicinity of the RAI and thus the additional nuisance to the neighbourhood,” says Wim.

The new RAI Logistics Management System is made possible by Voyage Control, active worldwide in the event industry. The RAI will start working according to this new system at a number of events this year. In 2022, all events that take place in the halls of the RAI will work according to this new system.