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Certification EarthCheck and YOIN Extended for RAI Amsterdam

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Since 2009, RAI Amsterdam has been participating in EarthCheck, and through our certification, we demonstrate our awareness as an organization of our impact on the environment, society, and our employees. We are taking steps to reduce this impact or redirect it in a positive direction. In the last week of August, EarthCheck conducted an audit, covering various aspects of corporate social responsibility and environmental practices. Initiatives like the donation room, where we assist organizations around RAI with items they can use while simultaneously reducing the waste generated after an exhibition, were appreciated.

What is EarthCheck?
EarthCheck is an advisory group for sustainable tourism, travel, and conferences, providing businesses with guidance on environmental, social, and governance policies. Since 1987, they have been helping companies care for the planet and its people, creating sustainable venues for both visitors and employees.

In addition to certification, EarthCheck aids the hospitality and conference industries in finding sustainable solutions by assessing and evaluating a company's ecological and social impact. As an internationally respected sustainability standard, EarthCheck assists organizations and visitors in choosing sustainable brands and experiences, allowing them to be aware of the support they provide and select locations with high standards of corporate social responsibility. You can find more information about EarthCheck on their website.

Recertification by YOIN
In addition to EarthCheck, RAI has also been recertified by YOIN excellent meeting places! After a thorough reinspection last week by @YOIN, a part of CLC-Vecta, this certification has been renewed for the next two years.

YOIN excellent meeting places independently advises, supports, and assesses locations on criteria such as quality, expertise, reliability, innovation, and service. The audit criteria align with, among other things, building regulations, government and corporate procurement criteria, and regulations. Visit YOIN's website for more information.

Thanks to all involved who made this recertification possible!