Basement Chefs create their own bitterbal

Thursday, 16 June 2022

RAI Amsterdam took matters into its own hands to recreate and perfect the renowned Dutch ‘Bitterbal’. But what makes this Bitterbal so special? This round crispy snack contains high quality meat from local cows and organic parsley. There is a Vegan option with mushroom filling and fresh herbs, to ensure everybody gets to experience this Dutch snack.

Basement Chefs

Our kitchen staff is also known as the Basement Chefs. The name stems from the fact that they operate in a network of underground tunnels and basements underneath RAI Amsterdam convention centre. The team prides themselves on providing delicious, sustainable products that are prepared with passion. Through the initiative "Heartwarming Amsterdam", RAI Amsterdam has developed a concept in which catering is not only tailored to the seasons, but also explicitly linked to societal improvement.

The Basement Chefs Bitterbal was introduced at the Provada exhibition at the RAI on the 14th of June. Provada is the largest real estate platform in the Netherlands. With its exciting three-day programme it offers space for new encounters, knowledge sharing and inspiration on the topic of real estate. During the exhibition, many guests were able to try the delicious Bitterbal themselves, and responses were overwhelming.