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Innovation Amsterdam

Amsterdam a leading innovation hub in Europe

Tuesday, 1 August 2023

Amsterdam was recently awarded as the most innovative small city in 2023. The Netherlands were acclaimed to be the number four position on the European Innovation Scoreboard.

Amsterdam is making waves in the world of innovation, securing its position as the most innovative small city globally in 2023. The prestigious title was awarded by 2ThinkNow's Innovation Cities Index: Small 200, which recognizes cities with populations under 1 million that are excelling in creating conducive environments for innovation. Amsterdam surpassed other notable contenders like Tel Aviv, Basel, and Frankfurt, cementing its status as a powerful force in the innovation landscape.

The city's success can be attributed to its open business environment and forward-thinking mentality, making it a historical launchpad for groundbreaking solutions. Amsterdam's innovative spirit dates back to the 1970s when it pioneered the world's first car-sharing scheme. This spirit has only strengthened over time, thanks to robust municipal initiatives and thriving academic and research institutions that have fostered a collaborative ecosystem where novel ideas can flourish.

Supporting the next wave of innovators is a top priority for Amsterdam. This was evident at the TNW 2023 conference, where the city showcased 12 homegrown startups making a positive impact on the world. The proactive approach taken by Amsterdam in supporting novel solutions to contemporary challenges underscores its commitment to shaping a brighter future.

Amsterdam's innovation is further amplified by the Netherlands' position as a leading innovation ecosystem in Europe. The recently released 2023 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) ranked the Netherlands an impressive 4th among EU member states. The EIS evaluates countries across 32 performance indicators, encompassing digitalization, public-private partnerships, funding, research systems, human resources, and innovation within SMEs.

The EIS attributes the Netherlands' 'Innovation Leader' status to its quality academic and research institutions, advanced digital skills, and successful efforts to foster collaboration among dynamic SMEs, accompanied by increased availability of venture capital. These factors have contributed to the country's sustained performance and competitiveness on the global stage, as reflected in its rise to 5th place in this year's IMD Global Competitiveness Ranking.

Amsterdam's role in shaping the future is undeniable. The city's innovative mindset extends to embracing new ideas, such as setting ethical standards for technology use and adopting the circular (doughnut) economy model. The region's innovation ecosystem thrives on a collaborative network of public-private partnerships, leading academic and research institutions, and strong support from municipal and regional authorities. The presence of a highly skilled talent pool further elevates Amsterdam's standing as a global innovation hub.