Celebration of the Republic of Maluku Seletan

Friday, 22 April 2022

On 25 April 1950, the Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS) was proclaimed on Ambon, with the Moluccas breaking away from Indonesia. The declaration of independence is celebrated annually on 25 April, including in the Netherlands, traditionally including a flag-raising and motorbike ride.

This year, an RMS celebration will also take place in Amsterdam, on Monday 25 April 2022, with a rally at RAI Amsterdam. A flag parade will be held in the city which will move towards the RAI. A motorbike procession will also move from outside the city towards the RAI. The flag parade has been notified to the municipality. The motorbike procession is known to the authorities and will be escorted by the police.

Though these processions are not part of the RMS celebrations in the RAI, we as RAI will make space available for motorcyclists on the north side of the RAI (P8), where they will be escorted from the highway by the police to park there. The flag parade will also be accompanied. Temporary traffic disruption and/or a road break by the police is considered possible. The police and municipality are working closely together to keep this to a minimum for visitors and residents and to ensure the celebration is enjoyable for all participants.