An image of Wielingenstraat after the maintenance

The maintenance on the Wielingenstraat continues along the RAI

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The Wielingenstraat is currently undergoing a major maintenance project to make the street safer and greener. Work on the residential side has now been completed, and from 29 May to early October 2023, maintenance will take place on the opposite side, along the RAI. This will involve replacing all the paving between the central reservation and the cycle path along the RAI, and resurfacing the entrance to the RAI (P9).

The aim of this project is not only to renew the carriageway on the south side of the street, but also to adapt the parking spaces up to the cycle path along the RAI. In addition, sewers, cables and pipes will be replaced to improve the infrastructure. During the works, car traffic towards Diepenbrockstraat and Stadionweg can use the new lane on the north side of the Wielingenstraat. In addition, the waste containers in the street are available again and the new cycle path has been accessible since the end of April.

Temporary measures are being taken in the Wielingenstraat side streets. Two-way traffic on Haringvlietstraat, Krammerstraat and Eendrachtstraat will be withdrawn for this purpose. The additional bicycle parking spaces will also be removed and the entrance and exit to the car park on Krammerstraat will be reinstated. During the work on the RAI side of Wielingenstraat, all parking spaces in that area will be removed. However, the new parking spaces on the residential side will remain available and local residents can still use an extended parking permit.

Besides the works in Wielingenstraat, major maintenance will also be carried out in the Diepenbrockstraat, which is expected to last until 2024. The Diepenbrockstraat will be completely closed between 1 and 5 May 2023, but there will be temporary bike paths for both directions and a lane towards Stadionweg.