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Spatial vision to the municipal council

Friday, 15 October 2021

RAI Amsterdam wants to be the location where the world meets Amsterdam and vice versa. A sustainable place, connected to the city and the environment. A place where customers and visitors, as well as neighbors and local citizens like to be and stay. What this could look like has already been visualised in the RAI’s spatial future vision 2030, which forms the basis for the master plan of the RAI.

Exploration Phase
This master plan has not yet been clearly defined. Together with various authorities, the RAI continues to work on fulfilling this plan. Basic principles have already been formulated and scenarios explored that were recently submitted to the municipal council. The scenario that both the RAI and the municipality are pushing for, is one in which reduces traffic and logistic problems for the surrounding areas, increases the accessibility and possibilities for use of the RAI and improves the living environment with public and social facilities. These basic principles and scenarios are to be explored with the council members.

The council is scheduled at the end of October. We expect to be able to tell you more about the plans and next steps in the short term.