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Good news! The temperature and clock are returning on the RAI signal

Friday, 12 April 2024

The RAI Signal, the 51-meter-high advertising column on Europaplein, is getting a refurbishment. We announced this on Tuesday, April 2, during a neighborhood meeting for residents overlooking the signal. In early 2025, we will perform major maintenance on the construction, electricity and paintwork, replace the illuminated banners with dimmable LED screens and restore the clock and thermostat. Something our neighbors have been looking forward to for quite some time. 

Dick Elffers designed the RAI Signal, which has served as a landmark for both visitors to the city and fellow city dwellers since 1961. In 2015, the Signal, along with the Europa Hall, was declared a national monument. Renovation and preservation of the structure therefore requires attention. During the neighborhood meeting, a further explanation was given and we discussed the new possibilities of dimmable LED screens that, in addition to an advertisement, can also be used for social themes (coverage of public transport disruptions and calamities, such as Amber Alert). 

The renovation is expected to start in spring 2025. During the construction work, which will take about 8 months, the area around the Signal will be cordoned off. Before then, we will post about it.