Collaboration Basement Chefs and Dynamo

Collaboration between Basement Chefs and Dynamo Welfare Foundation

Thursday, 17 August 2023

A few weeks ago, the collaboration between the Basement Chefs and Dynamo Welfare Foundation was launched. With this initiative, they are supporting the local community restaurant at Weteringkerk. In a short span of time, this collaboration has showcased how flavorful dishes and community engagement can go hand in hand.

The initiative has already generated remarkable results. The Basement Chefs and Dynamo have jointly decided to take action every Tuesday. On this day, they will prepare and serve meals weekly for up to 40 guests. These healthy meals are crafted from left-over food and beverages from RAI Amsterdam, preventing these food & beverages to become waste.

Yet, the impact of this collaboration extends beyond the restaurant itself. The collaboration has extended to various other community-focused activities. Leftover juices and snacks have found their way to a youth playday, while fresh fruit has been donated to a school football tournament. Furthermore, the collaboration has resulted in the donation of an impressive 400 plates, showcasing how Basement Chefs and Dynamo provide versatile support to their community.

At the core of this initiative lies the sustainability project "Heartwarming Amsterdam," a name that reflects its core values. Local producers and suppliers, who contribute significantly to the region, are proudly highlighted.