Christmas tree

Christmas market in collaboration with local entrepreneurs

Friday, 22 December 2023

In a festive and heartwarming atmosphere, RAI Amsterdam recently organized a unique Christmas market for its own employees. Departing from traditional Christmas packages, employees had the opportunity to create their own packages by visiting booths set up by local entrepreneurs. This initiative, celebrating local entrepreneurship, became a delightful afternoon, strengthening the bonds between RAI employees and the local community.

With a special payment card from RAI, employees could shop at various booths set up by local entrepreneurs such as Vermaz, de Bruna, A Lovely Day, Prinses en Erwtje, All Daring, Kap & Co, Alberto Pozzetto, Moes, and Nolson. This wasn't just a festive Christmas experience, but also a way to support the local economy and embrace the diversity of the neighborhood.

A heartwarming aspect of this Christmas market was the involvement with a charitable cause. Stichting Eerlijke Start was invited, allowing RAI employees to donate a portion of the amount on their payment card to this noble cause. A remarkable €900 was raised, enabling Stichting Eerlijke Start to further pursue its valuable mission.

This Christmas market exemplified how, at RAI Amsterdam, we aim to cherish our employees while simultaneously showcasing our engagement with the local community. "For 3.5 hours, we didn't look at the clock and packed a lot of gifts for very happy RAI people. It was extremely busy, cozy, and fun! We couldn't think of a better example of a (local) win-win situation," said the owners of 'A Lovely Day.'

Overall, it was a great success, and we are already considering how to continue this in the coming years. For now, we wish everyone happy holidays and a vibrant 2024!