Bewonersinformatie ADE 2023

Amsterdam Dance Event 2023

Monday, 18 September 2023

The Amsterdam Dance Event is a conference, a festival and a global meeting place for creatives in the electronic music world. Launched in 1995, the famous ADE takes place every year in October in Amsterdam. Two related events will be held at the RAI this year.

Friday 20 October from 22.00 to 06.00 we will host the dance event ‘Martin Garrix ADE’. This will be followed up on Saturday 21 October with a ‘Martin Garrix ADE All Ages’ event, which will be held from 17.00 to 22.00. The organisers are 4PM Entertainment and E&A Events.

A permit has been granted by Stadsdeel Zuid. The council has held discussions with 4PM Entertainment, E&A Events, RAI Amsterdam and the local Police, Fire Brigade and environmental services and made agreements to ensure the events run smoothly. To limit complaints during the event, effective action will be taken if the established noise levels are exceeded. Visitor flows will also be carefully managed as people enter and leave the events. 

Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood watch posts will be set up around the RAI on Friday 20 October from 19.00 to 03.00. The soundcheck for both events will be held during the given event times to prevent any additional nuisance outside of those hours. In addition, an exemption has been applied for to break down the event during the evening of 21 to 22 October until 08.00.

Diversion for cyclists 
The cycle path on the western side of the RAI will be closed from 07.00 on Friday 20 October and reopen on Sunday morning at 08:00. Cyclists will be diverted via the cycle path along the A10 to the Europaboulevard and traffic regulators will be on hand to provide guidance on the route.

Closure of Europaplein
Europaplein (entrance P7) will be closed on Friday 20 October at 07.00, reopening on Sunday morning at 08:00. The necessary measures will be put in place to facilitate this closure.

Cleaning crews will be active in and around Europaboulevard after both dance events have finished as well as from the premises of the RAI up to Station RAI. Security staff will be on hand to prevent any problems or waste around the green areas of the Europaboulevard.

Complaints? Let us know!
We are doing everything in our power and working closely with the organisers to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. Should you nonetheless have a complaint to make then please email or call the ADE team on 06 54 39 28 45. You can also send an app or SMS to the same number.

Another option is to report any excessive noise to Amsterdam council via or calling 14 020 (telephone number available 24 hours a day). When contacting the council please provide your name, postcode and house number so that measurements can be taken in your area at the time as well as adding your complaint to the evaluation report. 

When making a report you may be asked for your name, postcode and house number. This makes it easier to target specific measurements as well as ensuring accurate documentation in the evaluation report. If you cannot get through you can also contact the council via call 14020.

Event portal
For more information about the Amsterdam Dance Event and other activities in the city over that weekend, please check out the council’s dedicated event portal at (Dutch only)