Loading and unloading

During build-up and breakdown, it can be quite busy with cars, vans and trucks. That is why it is very important to follow the instructions on the signs and from the traffic controllers.

Loading and unloading during build-up and breakdown

  Vehicle Hall 1-7  Hall 8-12 
 Car  Up to 1,90 m  P2*  P1-3-4
 minivan  1,90 - 2,70 m  P8-9-10  P4
 minivan  > 2,70 m  P8-9-10  P5

* Due to the extension of Hall 5, there is less space on P9 and passenger vehicles are not allowed on P8, P9 and P10.


Loading and unloading times

A maximum unloading time will be given for the unloading of a vehicle, after which your vehicle can be towed away. The unloading time can only be extended by one of the traffic managers.

Maximum unloading times are:

Vans Small trucks Trailer trucks
 30 min.  45 min.  60 min.