Busy calendar for expected crowds around the RAI


There is a major event at the RAI and there will be a lot of cars entering and exiting our garages.


A bicycle route has been blocked.


There will be a lot of taxis dropping off and picking up visitors (P9).


A large event is being built up or broken down. We therefore expect a lot of truck traffic loading and unloading cargo at our premises.

Neighbourhood posts

A major event is taking place so that visitors may also park outside the RAI parking garages. To ensure that our visitors don’t park near you, we work with neighbourhood closures by means of bollards/poles and manned closing posts. Destination traffic is allowed at any times.

Night exemption

The RAI has an exemption that allowed the RAI to make more noise during the evening or night than usually is permitted. For example, during unloading and loading of road vehicles or dance events.