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Are you selling square metres or success?

Surface area is simply a way of creating value. So why do we still charge for square metres used on our invoices and not for ROI? What can you as an organiser do right now to boost the value of an event together with the venue, exhibitors and visitors?

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What event organisers can learn from Obama and other world leaders

In the event sector, you always have to be alert – as the market changes, so must your event. That can seem daunting, but losing your target group is scarier. With this in mind, we transformed the Safety Security Amsterdam exhibition into a knowledge event, taking a leaf out of Hollywood’s book with a series of blood-curdling films.

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Five ways to increase the impact of your business event

How do you make sure you carefully arranged event does exactly does what it was designed for. How do you create the best possible event for visitors?

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