Hostess service

To ensure each and every visitor receives a warm and correct welcome, our professional crew of hosts and hostesses provide the energy and enthusiasm you expect. Need representative hosts, hostesses or promotional models for your event? We have an experienced team of professionals who will ensure everything runs smoothly. Hosts and hostesses can be deployed for bar or desk duties, reception, registration and supervision, hospitality and promotional activities.

Our social, client-oriented promotional ladies and gents can perform a wide range of activities, such as handing out flyers or samples and giving demonstrations during your exhibition, conference or event.

Our hosts and hostesses are well-educated, friendly and provide all-round support. All are fluent in both English and Dutch.

The standard outfit for our hostesses and hosts is a black pencil skirt or black trousers and a white blouse or shirt combined with a scarf or tie in a colour of your choice.