RAI Amsterdam organisation & chart

RAI Amsterdam is a fully independently operating company. Our activities take place under the responsibility of RAI Holding B.V. Shareholders of this holding are: the RAI Association, the trade association for manufacturers and importers of road transport vehicles, with a 75% interest, and the municipality of Amsterdam with a 25% interest.

RAI Vereniging and RAI Amsterdam

The involvement of the RAI Association is rooted in the origins of this organisation and the need it has to be able to accommodate exhibitions of the affiliated branches. The involvement of the municipality of Amsterdam has an economic background. International trade fairs and conferences in particular are important drivers for the regional economy. Hotels, restaurants, museums, transporters and suppliers benefit from the exhibitors and visitors who visit the city for (mostly international) fairs, conferences and events. On average, every euro spent at the RAI, is seven euros for the city of Amsterdam.

Organisational chart of RAI Amsterdam

organigram RAI Amsterdam