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Students ROC find an internship at RAI Amsterdam

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Ten students of the Hospitality training of the ROC of Amsterdam have started an internship at the RAI. The students work over three days, on the exhibition floor and within the GGD test and vaccination location. Now that the catering industry is closed, the study program was looking hard for a learning experience place for the students with which they can fulfill and enrich their school year. Peter Strijdonk, ROC of Amsterdam, about the collaboration: "We are very pleased that at MBO College Centrum we can further expand the collaboration with the RAI with these internship opportunities for a number of Hospitality students. In this way they can still gain practical experience as a host during this time and dedicate themselves to a social cause. "

Learning in practice
Under the guidance of Daan Wolken, a certified RAI teacher, the students will learn everything about hosting in the RAI. As long as there are no events, the students gain experience in various host roles at the GGD test and vaccination location in the RAI. There they help receive visitors and refer them to the right place. Daan: "The GGD testing and vaccination location is an ideal place to learn more about hosting. Testing and vaccination is sometimes exciting for visitors and some visitors come to the RAI for the first time. We try to guide them in this as well as possible and make them feel welcome and safe. We are happy that we can make this learning experience place possible for the students, they may well be our hosts of the future. "The internship has several facets and hopefully will go even further. "We let the students participate in various places in the RAI, including our own service locations. In addition, we naturally hope that we can still run events before the summer. That would not only be great for the students, "says Daan

Various courses already associated with RAI Amsterdam
From sports students of the ROC Urban Sport Training in the halls of the RAI to students of, for example, the College Centrum cookery course and house of hospitality in the kitchens of the RAI. The collaboration between RAI Amsterdam and the ROC of Amsterdam is constantly expanding. Stephanie Mathas, who works for the RAI and initiator of various partnerships with the ROC of Amsterdam, sees more opportunities. "Our organization has so many diverse disciplines and possibilities. We notice that we can make many valuable connections with a diversity of courses. We look at what is possible in consultation with the various courses and the needs that exist there, during Corona, but certainly also afterwards."