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Construction of the new StrandZuid water terrace has started

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

On Monday 21 February, work will start on the construction of the new StrandZuid water terrace. StrandZuid has received a permit from the municipality of Amsterdam for the construction of an additional music-free terrace on the water. The water terrace is the first of its kind in the shape of an island and expands the terrace capacity of StrandZuid, allowing more visitors to enjoy this beautiful place. The construction of the water terrace will start in mid-February. StrandZuid will also build three jetties for boats, these will be located on the StrandZuid quay.

In the first week, the week of February 21, the necessary piles will be driven. This may cause some noise nuisance. Materials for the construction of the water terrace are supplied via P10. StrandZuid and suppliers have been advised that they are not allowed to arrive before 7:00 am. The work will take 5 weeks. StrandZuid will open to visitors on April 1, and the new water terrace will also be in use from then on.

For questions, please contact StrandZuid via