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Experiences in the marketing mix is a necessity. One-on-one meetings with potential customers and relations are becoming increasingly important for everyone looking to really connect with their target group. Events represent a crucial platform for this.

How to increase the impact of your participation?

Here you can find everyting you need to know about participating in events.


KPN Event Case

KPN took part in the horticultural platform GreenTech , using various opportunities to make the most of its investment. This video looks at how the telecom company optimised its participation via a range of methods.

GreenTech is the most important platform for professionals in horticulture, with a strong focus on technical innovation. As an innovation partner in data and technology, KPN is keen to position itself in this sector and GreenTech offered an ideal opportunity to come into contact with an interested public.



KPN’s participation had four main goals:

  • position itself as a digital innovation partner in the sector
  • share its vision on data, AI, robotics, IoT and autonomous systems
  • make contact with new innovation partners
  • find new insights into market issues

The company discussed various options with the organisers on now to make the most of GreenTech. The best combination was a sponsorship package combined with a clear presence during the exhibition and participation in panel discussions.

The sponsorship made the KPN brand visible to a broad audience before, during and after the event. Its presence on the exhibition floor allowed the company to come into contact with people directly and enter into discussions about their needs and the most recent market developments. The panel discussions saw KPN interact with and stimulate the interest of other major players while effectively getting its vision across to the target group.

KPN had many reactions from participants who were pleasantly surprised by the company’s engagement with the horticultural sector. This resulted in many new contacts and enhanced KPN’s reputation as a horticultural innovation partner. The company now hopes to build on this foundation by taking part in further editions of GreenTech in the coming years.