Have you come up with a cool campaign for your stand, for example, a lottery? Or would you like to hang up balloons in your stand? It's possible!


But please take into account that you will have to request a permit to do so. Luckily you do not have to turn to the municipality for this, but can simply ask RAI Amsterdam.

Providing quality is a high priority for RAI Amsterdam. In order to optimise the quality of its hospitality, The RAI has managed to increase its efficiency with regard to permit procedures. This has resulted in a unique cooperation between the RAI and the Municipality of Amsterdam. RAI Amsterdam is the first private company in the Netherlands to be allowed to regulate and maintain event-related permits in a number of fields. This has made permit procedures much more simple and faster. This stimulates the RAI’s service provision and makes participating in events at RAI Amsterdam even more appealing.
The permits required for the event are determined in consultation with the exhibitor. These are then included in the event’s webshop. The latter also provides the necessary information on their validity and the information the RAI requires in order to be able to speedily process your application.

The event-related permits required are processed by the Permit Desk of RAI Amsterdam. The regulations that apply are identical to those of the municipality of Amsterdam.


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