Customer journey

Customer journey exhibitors

What’s the best way to make the most of your participation in exhibitions? RAI Amsterdam has studied the customer journey experienced by exhibitors and formulated tips for every phase of that journey in the second RAI Insights report, part of a trilogy on the subject. The information contained in the new report will help exhibitors at trade shows and other events increase the impact of their brand, while also enabling organisers to provide better support.

Exhibitors are the driving force behind every event. The manner in which they participate, the products they showcase and the effectiveness of their performance are the major determinant of visitor customer satisfaction and the success of any event. Despite the importance of their role, however, exhibitors can struggle to excel on all these fronts.

As most only take part in trade events a few times a year, it can take quite some time to build up the required experience. At the same time, exhibitors need to make the most of rapid changes in the market and technology. This means that organisers who wish to ensure that their event is influential would do well to provide the best possible support to their exhibitors.

The study

Based on these insights, RAI Amsterdam has undertaken a major research project into the exhibitor customer journey. please find this study in the whitepaper section. A quick overview of all touchpoints can be found below.