The venue

Working on an exhibition and conference centre with minimal impact on the environment

Our exhibition and conference centre has been located at the Europaplein in Amsterdam since 1961. Over the past 15 years, we have worked hard to make this location sustainable. During maintenance and development of the building, we are constantly looking for ways to make it fully climate neutral. These are just a few of the developments in this field.

Electricity: Smart and responsible

Energy saving has been our focus for years. Investments have been made in energy-efficient lighting and the use of smart meters and presence sensors. Our roofs are now fitted with 3,970 solar panels, of which 1,806 for our own use and 2,164 on the Holland complex for the hotel nhow RAI Amsterdam.

All power consumed in the RAI is green power and has no CO2 footprint. The RAI receives certificates from Centriq confirming the deduction of sustainable electricity from energy supplier Vattenfall. This power is generated in Scandinavia on the basis of hydropower.

Just like many companies, RAI Amsterdam is subject to energy audits due to stricter European energy laws and regulations (EED) to demonstrate that RAI is implementing sustainable energy savings. Due to the transition to the EarthCheck 4.0 certificate, there is no longer any need for energy audits.

Cooling, heat and water consumption

The central cooling of the RAI runs via electricity instead of gas. Which means a considerable reduction in energy and CO2 emissions. In addition, we operate a cold and heat storage WKO in the ground, with which facilities can be cooled and heated. We have almost completely switched over to district heating, which has further reduced our CO2 footprint. The residual heat that is released during industrial processes, energy generation and / or waste separation is used via the city grid. The gas that we currently use in addition to district heating is 100% green gas, fully compensated by means of CO2 certificates. RAI Amsterdam uses Nuon's Climate Neutral Gas. To save water consumption, many water taps are fitted with sensors and aerators that achieve a reduction. In this way we work towards climate-neutral business operations.


In addition to organisers, exhibitors and visitors, other residents also make grateful use of the exhibition and conference centre. Among other things, the Amtrium is equipped with bat boxes and swift boxes have been made in the roof molding on the outside of the building. In the outdoor plants on the site, care is taken to increase biodiversity.