Sustainable Amsterdam

Caring for our natural resources together

By 2050, Amsterdam is a city without waste, with a very small footprint, where we have less need for resources, where the prosperity and well-being of all is a priority. A fully circular city, good for the economy, good for the environment, good for people at home and abroad.

Picture of a street in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is taking short and long-term measures to achieve this:

In 2030, Amsterdam will…

  • Grant access to vehicles emission free only
  • Move towards a climate neutral, fully sustainable organisation
  • Have 80% of household connected to electricity from solar and wind power
  • Have been reduced non-critical short-cycle products by 100%
  • Use 50% less primary raw materials
  • Will have 55% less CO2 emissions

In 2040, Amsterdam will be…

  • Natural gas free


In 2050, Amsterdam will…

  • Be climate adaptive
  • Use all suitable roofs for solar energy generation
  • Be climate neutral
  • Be fully circular – everything produced and consumed will be reusable


For more information from the City of Amsterdam, visit their sustainability policy website page.