Entrance C - C rooms 

Entrance C is the entrance of the Holland Complex. On the second floor, accessible via stairs or escalator, there are six meeting rooms which can be used as an organisation or press room. Two rooms are comfortably furnished and have their own dressing table, shower and toilet. They are suitable as dressing room or VIP area.

Entrance D - Elicium Ballroom & D-rooms

The Elicium Centre can be reached using Entrance D. Besides the Elicium Ballroom and four conference rooms, there are 20 meeting rooms for small-scale meetings: training sessions and meetings for 5 to 48 people.

Entrance E - Forum, Ruby Lounge & E-rooms

Alongside the Forum Room, which can provide room for over 700 guests, the Forum Centre also features various meeting rooms and lounges. The Forum Lounge provides access to the Forum Room and Ruby Lounge on the first floor. The first floor also houses eight meeting rooms. Six meeting rooms can be combined creating meeting rooms for groups of between 100 and 700 people. The Forum Centre can easily be combined with Hall 10 and can be reached through Entrance E.

Entrance F - Park Foyer, Jade Lounge & F-rooms

The Park Centre consists of five meeting rooms on the ground floor. You can reach the meeting rooms via entrance F and the Jade Lounge. The Park Foyer is situated on the first floor. This multifunctional location can be used as a standalone location but can also be connected to Hall 8 by opening the additional gates and the removable wall. You can reach the Park Centre trough entrance F, which also gives you direct access to parking P3.

Entrance G - Auditorium, Onyx Lounge, Emerald Room, Topaz Lounge & G-rooms

The Auditorium Centre is situated at the heart of RAI Amsterdam and can be reached through Entrance G. Alongside the large Auditorium, the centre also features various meeting rooms, foyers and lounges. The auditorium (including balcony) seats 1,750 and combines comfort and style with the latest audiovisual equipment.

Entrance K - rooms K101 en K102

Above entrance K are rooms K101 and K102 situated. With sliding walls, these rooms can beconnected. There is a pantry and toilet between the rooms. These rooms are normally used as an organiser room and/or press room.

Entrance L - Amtrium en L-rooms

The Amtrium is a multifunctional building that acts as a new modern face of the RAI as seen from the city centre of Amsterdam. Entrance L consists of the Amtrium on the ground floor, a multifunctional space which can be used as a conference room as well as a hall or foyer for small exhibitions or events. On the first floor you can find two smaller meetingrooms and two conference rooms which can be combined in one conference room for up to 126 people.