Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Beyond Order

24 September 2022

The canadian professor, psykologist and debater Jordan B. Peterson has in a very short time influenced millions of people and gained fans from all over the world. He has millions of views on his YouTube-channel, and over 4,3 million subscribers.

A few years ago he had tremendous success with over 5 million copies sold of his book 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos. The Book ended up as no. 1 both in the U.S and Canada and held that position for a very long time. In March 2021 Jordan B. Peterson released the book Beyond Order - 12 More Rules for Life. The book is a follow up to his 12 Rules of Life: And Antidote to Chaos.

Dr. B. Peterson has a solid and acknowledged CV, and has amongst many acheivements also been councelling The UN Secretary General. He has a degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Alberta and a doctors degree in Psychology from McGill Univeristy. Together with students and collegues from Harvard and the Univeristy of Toronto he has published hundreds of scientific papers. He is a famous lecturer and sells out arenaes throughout the world and gives lectures to big law firms, private companies and doctors. This comes as an addition to his own practice as a psychologist, and he has helped numerous of people handling their depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

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