The IAMS 2021 presents over 300 cars! Supercars, hypercars, special cars, future cars, movie cars, classic cars and more

1 Apr thru 5 Apr 2021

At IAMS 2021 you will find more than 300 cars in full glory. From supercars and the most extreme hypercars to unique show cars of which there is only one in the world. But there are also valuable classics as well as beautiful young timers, cars that just make you happy to see them again. But there is also room for the latest models from importers; whether it is an electric car or a combustion engine, they are all present on the IAMS 2021.


General information

Super Car Sunday B.V.
Hall 1 -5 & Hall 8

Opening hours

# Opening time Closing time
2021-04-01 -
2021-04-02 -
2021-04-03 -
2021-04-04 -
2021-04-05 -
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