Shakespeares classic play interwoven with Chinese mystique, performed by the Suzhou Ballet Theatre. Elegant, modern and energetic.

19 Nov thru 19 Nov 2017

The Suzhou Ballet Theater, led by the internationally awarded Jiabin Pan and Ying Li, is one of China's most promising ballet companies. They have interwoven 'Romeo & Juliet' in an innovative way with elements of an ancient Chinese parable, giving it their interpretation a stylish, modern and above all Chinese atmosphere.

(Montly magazine) HP De Tijd / De Stijl: 'West meets East: This makes this performance a unique show. Take note of the simplicity of the scenery and the costumes, a real pleasure to the eye.' (Published Oct. 31st.2017)

(Monthly magazine) ZIN Magazine: 'The Chinese choreographers transformed Shakespeares famous, often performed love drama into an energetic and modern performance. (...) The Suzhou Ballet Theater is a troupe we will definitely hear from again.’(Published Oct. 19th. 2017)


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Global Performing Arts Group V.O.F.
RAI Theater Amsterdam

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# Opening time Closing time
2017-11-18 -
2017-11-19 19:00 - 22:00

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