Romeo & Julliet by the Chinese Suzhou Ballet Theatre, one of China’s most promising ballet companies.

19 Nov t/m 19 Nov 2017

The Suzhou Ballet Theatre, choreographed by internationally acclaimed directors Jiabin Pan and Ying Li, has been successfully mixing cultural influences from the East and West since the early beginnings of their foundation. One of the best examples is their interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”.

Under the guidance and supervision of the internationally acclaimed directors and choreographers Jiabin Pan and Ying Li, this famous European love story has got a stylish, modern flavour yet infused with Chinese elements.

They’ve mixed Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” with the ancient Chinese parable of “The Butterfly Lovers”. A story that draws similarity with “Romeo & Juliet” but set against a mystic Chinese background.


Global Performing Arts Group V.O.F.
€35 - €37,50


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2017-11-18 -
2017-11-19 -
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