The 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR25) celebrates the EACR’s 50th Anniversary Year.

30 Jun t/m 3 Jul 2018

The theme of the Congress is ‘From Fundamental Insight to Rational Cancer Treatment’, covering the journey of discovery and development ‘from bench to bedside’. The Congress will feature world-class speakers discussing the most innovative current research topics, including a special education track aimed at clinicians. As well as high-profile plenary sessions, the programme offers parallel symposia, allowing participants to build their own scientific programme according to their interests.


EACR - European Association for Cancer Research
Amsterdam RAI Entrance G (Auditorium, Elicium 1 and 2, Hall 3, Topaz and Dianond Lounge


# Openingstijd Sluitingstijd
2018-07-01 07:30 - 19:00
2018-07-02 07:30 - 18:45
2018-07-03 08:45 - 13:30
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