5 permanent restaurants

RAI Amsterdam has five permanent restaurants: THE ROAST ROOM, Grand Café, First Floor Restaurant, Holland Restaurant and Café Amsterdam. THE ROAST ROOM is open daily from 09:00 hr. The opening hours of the other restaurants are flexible and depend on the events and conferences taking place. Alongside the restaurants there are several other food & beverage concepts available throughout the building.

RAI Restaurants

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RAI - Ketchup

RAI Amsterdam is launching its own food product line this summer featuring ketchup, basil olive oil and red apple vinegar. The story of how the Amsterdam exhibition company, which caters for over 1.5 million visitors a year, decided to embark on this new venture is an interesting one... 


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The Basement Chefs of RAI Amsterdam

There is a whole network of tunnels and cellars below the RAI. At the heart of this exciting underground world you’ll find the kitchens where the Basement Chefs perform their art.

From gala dinners to conferences and exhibitions – the catering department of the RAI offers a wealth of options, excellent logistic skills and the flexibility to make any event a culinary success.

Delicious, sustainable and prepared with passion. Leave it to the Basement Chefs!


The Basement Chefs

Basement Chefs

Heartwarming Amsterdam

With the ‘Hartverwarmend Amsterdam’ (Heartwarming Amsterdam) concept we made a conscientious decision to work with local product and remove harmful ingredients out of the assortment. The products within this concept have an added value to offer. Care farms, local farmers, city greenhouses and cheese farms from the region are both suppliers and important inspirers. In this manner the endangered local producers in our urbanized area will not only be supported, but will also give us the opportunity to offer uncommon and seasonal products.


THE ROAST ROOM is the unique meat eating experience of Amsterdam. Surrounded by the craftsmanship, open kitchens with Beech ovens and the sturdy, yet classically designed interior, you can enjoy the best cuts of meat, burgers, charcuterie and sausages from the restaurant’s own butchery. THE ROAST BAR is a brasserie style restaurant on the ground floor. The ROTISSERIE is our fine dining restaurant on the first floor. Do you want to enjoy this unique meat eating yourself? Reserve your table here.