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Choose convenience and pre-order your travel tickets online at You can order this ticket online before arriving in Holland. Ordering your ticket online gives you the convenience to skip the line at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and proceed directly to the train. You can order different types of tickets.

Single Ticket

Order a single ticket by train when you want to travel between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and any station in Amsterdam. You can travel straight to or from RAI Amsterdam. This ticket makes your journey from Amsterdam to Schiphol simple. It offers you the convenience of a pre-ordered train ticket. With a pre-ordered ticket, you can catch your train on time and without hassle. No need to stop at a ticket machine or visit a ticket desk. Just follow the signs and board your train. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.



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Amsterdam Travel Ticket

With the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, you can travel across Amsterdam without limits for the chosen days. With each ticket you can travel in all buses, trams, metros and ferries operated by GVB. A local map and suggestions for sightseeing is included, so you won't miss the highlights of Amsterdam. Skip the line, proceed directly to the train and enjoy our capital to the fullest. This is the best ticket if you have plans to visit Amsterdam for 1-, 2- or 3-days beside your exhibiting visit.


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