Reopening a safe and hospitable RAI Amsterdam

We have been working closely with the trade associations to establish guidelines for organising meetings in a responsible way in accordance with all guidelines from the Dutch government and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). These starting points have resulted in a protocol for the event industry in the Netherlands which was assessed by McKinsey (on behalf of VNU NCW) and is now waiting to be approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs. We will hear shortly whether this protocol can be implemented.


The starting points are already being used to strengthen the RAI’s internal guidelines, regulations and safety measures in alignment with the 1.5-metre distancing guideline. Amsterdam city council will inform us whether the RAI will be allowed to organise and facilitate events where we bring exhibitors and visitors safely together in an adapted form before 1 September. The summer will then be used to test the new form on a smaller scale.


We are working tirelessly to implement the changes which will be defined in our protocols, guidelines and safety measures in order to ensure a safe and hospitable RAI. They involve focal points such as hygiene guidelines and a safe build-up and breakdown of events, enabling people to keep a 1.5-metre distance at all times, and regulating visitor flows. These changes are designed to guarantee the safety and health of all stakeholders.


To support the above, a communication package is being developed for stakeholders covering everything from scripts for a safe build-up and breakdown to on-site flyers and banners. More information will be provided shortly.


Read the full concept protocol for the event industry in the Netherlands here