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Know where you buy

Every day thousands of people buy their tickets for concerts, theater, football matches and other events over the internet. What many do not know is that there are a lot of unofficial online shops that buy cards on a large scale and sell it with the sole purpose of making profit.

As a visitor you pay via these websites - often unconsciously - a lot more for a ticket than the original price. Prices could be one and a half to three times higher than the original price. It also seems that not all tickets guarantee access to the event.

These sites operate without consent from the artist. And because it happens on a large scale, unnecessary shortage is being created. This leaves little cards available for the original price. This reselling of tickets does not only occur with events that are sold out. Even when there are still tickets available through official sales channels, tickets are being offered for much higher prices than they are worth.

Therefore, the campaign ‘Weet waar je koopt’ (Know where you buy) is started. Many 
 artists, venues and organizers have joined forces to combat the reselling.

We advise you to buy your tickets at:
 - Website of the artist
 - Website of the location
 - Website of the organiser

Through these sites you are sure you are redirected to the official presale address.
There are also official ticket outlets where you can buy your ticket, knowing they only sell tickets at the original price, with the consent of the organiser and artist.

For a list of official resellers and tips on how you can help fight the resale, please visit: www.weetwaarjekoopt.nl.