RAI Theatre

Access to the RAI building

Dogs are not allowed in RAI Amsterdam. Assistance dogs are always welcome in RAI Amsterdam.
For exeptions on this dog policy, contact corcom@rai.nl.

Facilities in RAI Amsterdam

No. As a result of the European tobacco legislation, RAI Amsterdam has been smoke-free since July 1, 2008. The smoking ban applies to all RAI buildings, including the catering locations and garages. Smoking is not permitted during set-up or breakdown.

For the convenience of smokers, RAI has arranged smoking areas in several outdoor locations. Outside the entrances you will find smoking columns for exhibitors and visitors.

We would like to point out that the government imposes penalties on people and companies that do not abide by the legislation. As RAI will be liable in case of violations, we will pass on any fines to the companies or individuals involved. To avoid having to resort to such measures, we will actively ensure that the law is upheld. Furthermore we count on the kind cooperation of all our guests.

Yes, guests can leave their coats in the cloak room for € 2.00.

RAI Theatre

RAI Theatre online ticket sales »

You can pay by either credit or bank card. You can also purchase tickets at the booking office.

Online booking or registration for RAI exhibitions go directly to the exhibition website.

You can collect your tickets at least one hour before the show at the ticket booth which is situated in the lobby of the RAI Theatre.

When a show is cancelled please use this form to ask for money back. Have you purchased e-tickets via internet, please contact Paylogic Customer Service 0900-PAYLOGIC (0900-72956442) or submit a request via customerservice at Paylogic.

When you arrive and the show has already started, please contact the doorkeeper. We will wait for a right moment to escort you to your seats. Sometimes that is during the pause. Worst case scenario is that there is no pause and it is impossible to join the show.

You can have a drink or a cup of coffee in the lobby of the theatre. In the Grand Café our theatre restaurant is open where you can enjoy a special theatre menu.

It is not allowed to eat or drink during the show. You can have a drink in the lobby, before, after or during the pause. Or enjoy our special theatre menu in the theatre restaurant in our Grand café before or after a show.

Seats so children can sit higher for a better view, are available at the entrance of the theatre. Are you attending a show especially for children? We recommend to bring a car seat or a pillow because our stock is limited.

Your cell phone must be switched off during a show.

No, filming, photographing or recording is not allowed during the show unless the production explicitly allows it.

Yes, there are eight wheelchair seats in the theatre. Please do not forget to mention it explicitly when you reserve your tickets. There are also wheelchair ramps available.

Besides wheelchair seats and parking spaces, there are other services available. RAI Theatre is easily accessible for wheelchairs.

The RAI Theatre has an induction loop. All you have to do is  put your hearing aid on ‘t’ position. When your hearing aid does not have that function it is possible to lend a hearing aid. Please make sure you can hand over a valid ID.