A magnificent concert that is more than just singing. Different choirs form 1 large choir and together with top acts literally sing for Harmonie.

23 May thru 23 May 2020

For Harmony Foundation presents the experience Singing For Harmony.

The presentation is in the hands of the well-known stand-up comedian Roué Verveer. This evening he will introduce you to an international choir of no less than 200 members from different countries and with different backgrounds. A choir that has come together especially for this occasion. Conductors from various places and countries have chosen musical pieces and prepared their singers for this year for this special moment.

Together with sensational artists such as Denise Jannah and Kenny B., this international choir will take the audience with them and let them experience that harmony is actually possible in all aspects of our society. Regardless of all differences between people or cultures. Experience it and become a part of it yourself!


General information

Evangelische Broedergemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost
RAI Theater
€27,50 - €37,50

Opening hours

# Opening time Closing time
2020-05-23 19:00 - 23:00

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