Let's meet!

Who are the faces behind RAI Amsterdam? And what's their story? Please let us introduces our colleagues! 

May I introduce... 

Vincent Elsing, Manager Flexmanagement! 

"I started working at RAI Amsterdam in June 2008. And what a start it was! In my first job at RAI as HR Manager is was lucky enough to come across a very interesting topic with my field of expertise: an organisational development  assignment. The RAI wanted to integrate RAI Catering (which used to be a separate company) into RAI Amsterdam. During this project it became clear to me that the RAI works with a huge number of in-direct employees in the operational departments. This soon proofed to be too much to integrate in the already existing HR department and a new department was born: Flexmanagement!

We run the Flexmanagement department with around 20 colleagues. We for example work on the formulation of strategy on our indirect staffing, carry out tender projects and bring HR tools in to practice. But also we do the operational planning of all the indirect staff and we run our very own Hospitality Crew Centre! This is where all the indirect employees report for their shifts, receive their uniform and are instructed on the event and department they will be working for. On a yearly base, we work with around 4.000 people who have an indirect employment at RAI Amsterdam. Sometimes we welcome 1.200 different indirect employees on one day! This is quite a challenge, not only for us, but also for the agencies we work with. The staffing agencies are very important for the RAI, as via the performance of their employees we can increase customer satisfaction!"

Vincent Elsing

Vincent Elsing