It’s quite the catchphrase at the moment: the new way of work

Smarter, more efficient, more effective work thanks to new technologies and modified management techniques. Many people immediately think of telecommuting when the new way of work is mentioned. However, it is so much more. Discover the new way of work at the RAI.

‘Samen werken we aan een werkomgeving die werkt!’ [working together on a working environment that works] was the slogan staff at RAI Amsterdam used to substantiate the new way of work. At RAI Amsterdam the new way of work is about creating a work environment which strikes a good balance between operational excellence and creativity.

How does it work then? It’s a work environment in which:

  • We manage with a focus on the results with room for and confidence in own responsibility.
  • Our collaboration focuses on the optimum substantiation of client needs and personal development.
  • We effectively cooperate in a flexible office space where we create meaningful meetings.
  • You make agreements as to how and where you work (together) most effectively independent of time and place.
  • We cooperate more intelligently by providing and receiving feedback, and learning from one another.
  • We continuously improve and develop by sharing knowledge and experience RAI-wide both online and offline.