Seen an interesting job opening? Apply now!

The vacancy features a button marked 'apply’ which allows you to upload your CV and motivational letter. Don’t forget this last one, as it will demonstrate your enthusiasm for our company!

When you've applied, your CV and letter will be assessed by our recruiter. If she thinks your application suits our vacancy, she will discuss this with the manager of the department in question. Together they then decide whether you are eligible to be invited to a job interview. We strive to provide a substantiated response within one week.

First interview
The first interview is generally conducted by the manager of the department concerned. It is an inventory interview concerning your candidacy, the job vacancy and our organisation. The idea is for both parties to gain an impression of one another and be able to estimate whether there is a match between the candidate and the job vacancy. After the first interview you will receive feedback by phone.

Second interview
Did the first interview go well? Then we will plan a follow-up interview with you. The second round of interviews are preceded by an e-assessment. The assessment provides us input for the second interview. During the second interview we will delve deeper into your competences, drives and match with the job vacancy. You will also receive feedback concerning your candidacy by phone after this interview. Sometimes a third interview will be scheduled, but most of the times we will make a decision after the second interview.

You got the job? We will discuss the conditions of employment over the phone and those will be confirmed via e-mail. To give you an idea about what we offer, we refer you to this webpage