Parking subscriptions for nearby residents

RAI Amsterdam is located in a densely populated area, which has both positive and undesirable side effects. To reduce parking-related problems, RAI Amsterdam offers low-cost quarterly (3 months) parking passes to nearby residents. A parking subscription can be used in the large parking garages P1/2/3 at the RAI on almost all days of the year. You will not be able to park at the RAI during certain large events, the dates of which will be communicated to you in good time.

Month period. The first time you wish to order a subscription, you will need to fill in the contact form on this page and pay the fee (see Buying a subscription). Your request will be handled within five working days. The subscription can only start on the first or fifteenth day of the month. Tarrif 2017 is €425,- (including VAT). Your subscription will be automatically extended each month. Payment can only be made by means of direct debit. €142,- per month (including 21% VAT). 

Buying a subscription

  • Email your name, address, phone number and vehicle registration number to 

  • Pay for the subscription below

  • We will contact you once the registration number and address have been entered and the payment has been processed