Zuidas pass to persuade drivers to abandon their cars, RAI Amsterdam goes first!

The Zuidas pass, one of the initiatives to reduce car traffic in and around the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam, was launched on 12 January 2017. The ‘Accessible Zuidas’ concept aims to facilitate, stimulate and persuade 3,000 people to travel to and within the Zuidas area by other means of transport than their car or to use their car outside of rush hours.

The urgent need for this joint approach is evident considering everything that is about to happen in the Zuidas district in the coming years: the widening of the A10 South segment of the ring road, including a new underground section of the road running under the centre of the district; the expansion of train station Amsterdam Zuid; work on the Nieuwe Meer and Amstel junctions; and the redevelopment of the public spaces. In addition, the local infrastructure will also undergo changes to ensure it is future-proof. All these activities combined will have a major impact on the accessibility of the Zuidas area.

The first Zuidas pass was presented to RAI Amsterdam CEO Paul Riemens by Alexandra van Huffelen, general director of Amsterdam public transport company GVB and David van Traa, director of the Zuidas on Thursday 12 January. “Via a series of clear agreements and concrete measures, RAI Amsterdam will help ensure that employees, visitors and residents of the Zuidas district can reach their destinations without delay,” Riemens explains. “We are pleased to stimulate and contribute to an initiative such as this.”

Pilot project
The pass is a pilot project based on GVB’s I travel Business Card and comprises a mobility range specific for the Zuidas district. Employees from the participating companies who now commonly drive to the Zuidas can obtain a pass free of charge and without obligation for a period of three months. This will lower the threshold for them to travel to the district by public transport instead of by car.

The ‘Accessible Zuidas’ approach was initiated by Zuidas and Zuidasdok in cooperation with 17 major employers and government agencies, all united in the ‘Accessible Zuidas Taskforce’.

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