Waterlanders confronts viewers with global water challenge

The Waterlanders show is an initiative by former RAI employee Jeannette den Boer and Stefan Coppers which helps visualise the effects of climate change. This five-part miniseries, broadcast by Dutch news site Algemeen Dagblad, confronts viewers with the global water challenge.

Jeannette and Stefan travel to places such as Greenland, where they see with their own eyes the consequences of climate change on the ice sheets, and Miami, where they document the effects on inhabitants. Water scarcity is also covered: in Kenya, Jeannette accompanies women who travel enormous distances for a little water. The five episodes can be viewed here.

Aquatech sponsors Waterlanders
The show Waterlanders is sponsored by Aquatech, RAI Amsterdam’s international trade exhibition for water technology. The show is relevant to the trade exhibition, as it illustrates the essential need for careful water management to a wide audience. In a country like the Netherlands, access to sufficient clean water seems like an obvious thing – but it really isn't.

Aquatech addresses and shows the latest trends and innovations for the water sector, in Amsterdam as well as China and Mexico. The Aquatech team is therefore involved with the world’s water problems on a daily basis. Aquatech Amsterdam will take place at the RAI convention centre this year from 5 to 8 November.


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