Vertical greenhouse in RAI Amtrium underlines sustainable policy of RAI Amsterdam

The Amtrium is the most sustainable exhibition and convention building in Europe, and was the first conference building to receive a BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. A major feature of the Amtrium is its five-storey vertical greenhouse.

The vertical greenhouse is used to grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for the restaurants of the RAI and THE ROAST ROOM restaurant. Greenhouse products are used on a daily basis. RAI established a partnership with Copijn Landscape Architects as the party responsible for the design and planting of the greenhouse.

By regulating the climate via controlled air circulation combined with thermal storage, the vertical greenhouse also serves as the green lung of the Amtrium. It features an automated and fully computer controlled watering process by means of a drip system, which uses rainwater supplemented with tap water for the irrigation.
A space-saving method for cultivation, the vertical greenhouse serves as an example for urban environments. RAI Amsterdam aims to inspire, and the greenhouse showcases its dedication to wellbeing and the environment in a metropolitan setting.

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