Time for AutoRAI 2015

Forty-six car brands, more than ninety new products and over five hundred cars
Car fans will finally see their patience rewarded after a four-year wait as RAI Amsterdam once again becomes the centre of the Dutch automotive world in the third and fourth week of April. Forty-six car brands and over ninety new products have already been confirmed, and more are constantly signing up. The car brands will bring concept cars and showcase the latest technologies in the field of sustainability, design and safety. The large number of cars, combined with the many activities offered at the exhibition, will ensure all the ingredients for a fun day out. AutoRAI 2015 will take place from 17 to 26 April at RAI Amsterdam

Comprehensive range
Car importers have been looking forward to AutoRAI for quite some time – in April last year, eighty per cent indicated that they were planning to participate in 2015. That number has grown in the meantime, and a total of 46 car brands will be represented, translating into more than 500 cars at the exhibition. Almost all car brands that are available in the Netherlands will be there, from Audi to Volvo and from Aston Martin to Zenos. This will make AutoRAI 2015 the ideal moment to get your bearings on the world of cars.

Over ninety premieres
If the ninety-plus premieres expected at the exhibition are anything to go by, the timing of AutoRAI fits perfectly in the international car season. In addition to many new products by Dutch manufacturers, McLaren, Cadillac, Burton, Peugeot, Porsche, Opel and Zenos have all indicated that they will showcase European or even world premieres. Brands will also present concept cars and unveil the latest developments in the automotive world in the InnovationLAB.

The classic from your childhood
Would you like to see your first car once again? Or the car from that poster that was hanging above your childhood bed? Don’t miss AutoRAI Klassiek, where almost a hundred ‘normal’ and special models from the last century will be polished and ready to be admired. The Renault 4, Peugeot 205, Golf 1 GTI, Fiat Panda and Mini will rub shoulders with the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Jaguar MKII, Audi Quattro and Bentley Blower 4.5 Le Mans. Other cars will include the police Porsches, the first Ferrari of the late Prince Bernhard and the first electric car. This will be a lovely way to revisit old memories.

Indoor and outdoor action
AutoRAI is set to realise many a childhood dream. In the Race Hall there will be a real circuit where visitors can be driven in cars such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin free of charge. Those who wish to get behind the wheel themselves can take their seat in the Allianz Formula One hydraulic racing simulators.

In the Discovery Engine Block Battle, teams of mechanics and grease monkeys will pit their skills against each other, with each taking apart an engine block, showing the crankshaft, and reassembling the engine. Parents and kids will love the Mattel Hot Wheels Play Zone with the latest Hot Wheels miniatures, where you can build the coolest models yourself. And in the outdoor area of the AutoRAI, innovation and entertainment will combine to guarantee a unique experience, including a great many test driving options in particular. Examples are driving electric cars and cars with the latest safety solutions, as well as slip experiences and entertaining double deck driving.

Discover your drive together
Each car has its own character. But which one best suits you best? Based on the campaign theme ‘Discover your drive’, AutoRAI is launching an online tool that will help people to discover their ultimate ‘drive’. Just a few short questions based on the twelve universal personality types formulated by Jung will illustrate which of the new car models at AutoRAI 2015 is most suitable. Participants can then use social media to find out what their family and friends think of their ultimate ‘drive’, reflecting the fact that few cars are chosen in isolation.

On the basis of this tool, participants will know immediately which stands at AutoRAI are definitely worth their time, and they can visit the exhibition with a discount. In addition, each participant will have a chance to win two years of free driving. The tool will be introduced in early April – just before the exhibition – on AutoRAI.nl, the AutoRAI app and facebook.com/autorai.

A ticket for all days
A ticket for AutoRAI 2015 can be easily purchased with a discount on autorai.nl. Instead of the €18 price at the entrance, the cost is only €14.50 online. Children up to fourteen years of age can come in free of charge. Unlike previous editions, there will be no evening, weekday or weekend tickets, but only one type of ticket valid for one entrance on any day from 17 to 26 April. On weekdays, the exhibition will be open until 22:00 – ideal for an after-work visit.

About AutoRAI
AutoRAI, the largest automotive event in the Netherlands, showcases many car brands, new products, exclusive cars and classics. There are also lots of opportunities for visitors to watch or participate in exciting activities. The event is organised by Amsterdam RAI under the auspices of the RAI Association. The 2015 edition of AutoRAI will be the 59th, and will take place from 17 to 26 April at Amsterdam RAI. The main sponsor of the exhibition is Leaseplan.
More information can be found on www.autorai.nl, the AutoRAI app or facebook.com/autorai.

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