The refurbished Strandzuid opens its doors this spring

Following a major renovation, Strandzuid will open its doors again this spring. Located behind RAI Amsterdam, the city beach now features an even larger area with a sandy beach, restaurant and various spaces for events. The newly upgraded facility enhances the optimal configuration of the RAI Convention Centre. For the people of Amsterdam Strandzuid it is a superb venue for events and an ideal summer base for business and leisure purposes.

Connection to Amsterdam
Our aim is to make the RAI as accessible to the general public as possible. Our neighbours, visitors, exhibitors and organisers should all feel very welcome here while the beach also serves as a great way to connect with the city of Amsterdam in general. THE ROAST ROOM restaurant at the RAI is a superb example of how this approach is already working in practice.

With the completion of the new Strandzuid, the city of Amsterdam and the RAI will have a first-rate event venue with a restaurant, outdoor cafés & bars and jetties.

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