The Night Watch unveiled in its original size at Discover Rembrandt exhibition

The exhibition ‘Discover Rembrandt – His Life and All His Paintings’ was officially opened on Friday 5 July, showcasing reproductions of all 340 works by the Dutch master. Even the damaged, hidden and stolen works can be seen in the RAI Amsterdam convention centre this summer, digitally restored and accompanied by an explanation of the unique stories behind each painting. The Night Watch is also on display in its original size, including the pieces cut off in 1715, at an exhibition which runs until Sunday 1 September 2019 in RAI Amsterdam.

The Night Watch in its original state
The many works of Rembrandt have been collected in digital form over the years. Thanks to the inexhaustible knowledge of professor Ernst van de Wetering, the world’s leading expert on Rembrandt – and the very latest digital restoration technology – all paintings by Rembrandt can now be seen in their original condition, looking as if they had just left the artist’s studio. This includes showing The Night Watch as it was first painted, before various parts were removed in 1715. The paintings are presented in chronological order and accompanied by fascinating stories about their origin and Rembrandt’s life. 

Rembrandt is credited with some 340 paintings. Only 41 of them are in Dutch collections, while the remainder are dispersed across at least 18 countries. All these works can be seen during ‘Discover Rembrandt’ in the ballroom of the RAI’s Elicium building. This includes the 50-plus paintings that are not currently accessible to the public, and even the works that have disappeared or are damaged.

“RAI Amsterdam feels a strong bond with Amsterdam and its history so we wished to make a contribution to the Year of Rembrandt celebrations,” says RAI Amsterdam COO Maurits van der Sluis. “It also ties in well with the initiative by the city council to spread tourists more evenly across Amsterdam and relieve the pressure on the centre and busy squares such as Museumplein and Rembrandtplein. Our proposal to organise an exhibition of Rembrandt’s entire oeuvre in reproduction here in the RAI was well received, and a partnership was born. 

“The show takes visitors back to the time when Rembrandt made his paintings in Amsterdam. Seeing all his work at once lined up in chronological order gives the audience a unique perspective on his life and work. It’s an honour for us that this exhibition is taking place here and I hope that tourists from the city centre will be joined by Dutch people, Amsterdammers and RAI neighbours to admire the art.”

For young and old, private and business tours
In addition to the 340 works on display, the exhibition offers various experiences for young and old alike. Adults can follow painting workshops while kids from 6 to 12 years old also get to try their hand at drawing and painting. Moreover, ‘Discover Rembrandt’ offers the opportunity for companies to treat business relations to an event among the Rembrandts ranging from a drinks and snacks to a lavish dinner.

‘Discover Rembrandt’ is a partnership between Stabilo International, Enterprise & Art (consultancy and project organisation) and RAI Amsterdam.

From left to right during the opening from Discover Rembrandt - His life and all his paintings: Harry van der Hoorn (Stabilo International), Maurits van der SIuis (RAI Amsterdam), Iris Frederix (artist, coach in TV programme Project Rembrandt and ambassador for ‘Discover Rembrandt’) and Erik Hermida (Enterprise & Art).

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