The first RAI Blog is live!

RAI Amsterdam has launched its first RAI Blog, ‘Events: Anything new to experience?’ Sanne Jolles, research manager of the Marketing & Innovation department at the RAI Convention Centre, gives her 10 tips to help give your event a personal boost.

How do you implement content marketing when your core business is content? RAI Amsterdam has found an answer: giving employees the step-by-step tools to generate and spread their own content.

Connecting people has, of course, always been the main objective in the events industry. While primarily offered in face-to-face settings in the past, the digital era has now added a virtual layer.

Writing blogs is one of the content formats RAI has started working with. By sharing content from its own experience, RAI aims to inspire the industry and position itself as a knowledge leader. Moreover, blogging is an excellent addition to the detailed trend reports that have been published over the last three years.
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