Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) to continue as RAI’s taxi partner

After a dynamic tendering process, RAI Amsterdam has decided to renew Taxicentrale Amsterdam’s (TCA) contract giving it the exclusive right to pick up visitors from the RAI site.

The partnership between RAI Amsterdam and TCA has been fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of both partners for the past six years. The main reasons for the RAI’s decision to extend its partnership with TCA were the taxi company’s ability to deal with peaks and troughs, its use of a single point of contact and its capacity to ensure that there are no long traffic holdups in the neighbourhood. Moreover, it is convenient that TCA taxis are easily recognisable in the city and at the gate.

Sustainability was another crucial requirement in the application. As an international leader in the field of sustainability in the exhibition and convention industry, RAI Amsterdam is delighted that TCA plans to expand its electric fleet from 40 to 250 fully electric cars over two years.

The partnership only involves picking up visitors, with TCA taxis having exclusive authorisation to do so on the RAI site. All taxis registered in Amsterdam can continue to drop off passengers as before.

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