‘Street diver’ injured after record jump attempt

A professional street diver landed badly during a record-breaking attempt after jumping from the advertising column in front of the RAI. The stunt was organised as part of the promotion for the upcoming Funsports Xperience in the RAI.

This afternoon was due to see professional athletes from BigAirBag make an attempt to break the street diving record: jumping onto a large air cushion measuring 15x15 metres without a parachute. After the first jump by Cris van Schijndel went according to plan the second saw the Iranian Amir Badri ‘over-rotate’ and land badly. The street diver is now under observation in hospital. Initial examination showed an injury to both arms.

The Funsports Xperience will be open from Wednesday 8 March to Sunday 12 March in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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